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The  full ordination of women is the most pressing issue facing Buddhism today. 

The Buddha set up a four-fold assembly made up of bhikkhus (monks), bhikkhunis (nuns), laymen and laywomen. It is also a standard tenet of modern ethics - whether east or west - that opportunities for development should be equally available to both men and women.  

Without a flourishing bhikkhuni Sangha, Buddhism will rightly be criticised for its backwardness. Without bhikkhunis, Buddhism as envisioned by the Buddha is incomplete.

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There is no reasonable doubt that full ordination for women is possible according to the Vinaya - the Buddhist monastic law

Despite this, there remains opposition to bhikkhuni ordination in both the Theravada and Tibetan traditions. It has been tacitly assumed that this traditional opposition represents the majority view of practising Buddhists.

What is needed is a collective voice to express the aspirations for a better Buddhism of those innumerable women and men, lay and ordained, who support bhikkhuni ordination.

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Towards this aim, this site has been created to collate and make available to the general public open letters of support for bhikkhuni ordination.

Our goal is simple:

-  you write the letters
-  we put them together here for the world to see.

Remember, every letter, every voice counts. 
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